Why Google Premier Partnership is so important for advertisers

Why Google Premier Partnership is so important for advertisers

By Alina Pruteanu, Digital Development Director, The Grove Media

Today, digital and online accounts for 75% of UK adspend (Advertising Association). And Google takes a massive 30% share of that. So, smart SMEs need to be on Google to reach and engage the right audiences. And they need an agency partner that really gets Google.

The Grove Media has once again been named a Google Premier Partner. This means that we are in the top 3% of companies participating in the Google Partners programme in the UK. 

It distinguishes The Grove as a Google Ads expert. Yes, we get a status marque that we can display. But clearly it means so much more than that. Premier Partnership is regarded as one of the best advertising partnership programmes in the market. And by being awarded membership, we are able to offer real, game-changing benefits to our clients.

Firstly, The Grove’s clients  gain access to vital education resources and key insights. Our people take part in a rigorous training and certification process, which means that they are best placed to get the most from Google Ads. Our digital experts have continual  access to product knowledge and take part Google’s Skillshop and have gained a wide range of Google Ads certifications, including search, display, video, shopping, apps and measurement

We get customised recommendations from Google’s experts, enabling us to choose exactly what is right for individual clients and to maximise the effectiveness of Google Ad campaigns. And as Premier Partners, we have access to Google’s many reports, giving us insights, analysis and industry trends reports to help us make better informed decisions for our clients.

Premier Partnership affords us unique recognition and rewards as agency. For clients, this means that we are able to offer real value through promotional Google Ads credits, boosting your advertising budgets. This will be welcome news for many advertisers looking to make their budgets go further.

And the access and support that we get from our Partnership status really gives us the edge on our competitors in the Google campaigns we run for clients. We have dedicated account strategists and management teams, and we are able to escalate campaign enquiries more quickly with the Google Ads Help Centre.

Through invitation, both The Grove and our clients benefit from dedicated account support and executive-level interaction. This level of special treatment really adds value for clients. We worked partnered with Google to develop a bespoke lead scoring model for The University of Law. And we also worked closely with Google to troubleshoot and provide support for our clients around Consent Monde V2 implementations.

As Premier Partners, we are able to attend Google events, giving us first-look access to new products and betas. We can request access to any closed betas and most recently did this with Google Demand Gen. And we can lean into dedicated strategy and sales support, tailored business coaching, and thought leadership.

It always feels nice to be a part of an exclusive club. But that’s not why we are so excited to be part of Google Premier Partner. We take a real-world view on all areas of media and everything we do is in the best interests of our clients. That is why this partnership is so important. It’s about the considerable value we are able to unlock for each and every one of our clients.