About the project

How we used mobile to supercharge local media strategies to deliver real results for Daikin


Daikin tasked The Grove to raise awareness and drive footfall to 10 Sustainable Home Centres (SHC) in various regions across the country.


For each location, the media campaign included Facebook, local press, local radio and mobile activity running for 4-week periods.

The mobile campaign ran with 2 strategies:

  1. CPC model to drive users to the website
  2. CPM model focussing on driving footfall to each SHC

Mobile Results

The campaign was a success, driving a strong volume of visits and delivering fantastic results;

  • 1.5mil impressions served
  • Average CTR of 1.25% (benchmark 0.2-0.5% CTR)
  • Over 4,800 users landing on the website (vs. 3,600 from Facebook)
  • Total of 329 in-store visits during 4-week campaign period
  • Most cost-efficient channel to drive leads

Daikin mobile 1-min
Daikin mobile 2-min