How call tracking and voice analytics can drive media ROI

How call tracking and voice analytics can drive media ROI

By Alina Pruteanu, Digital Development Director, The Grove Media

If your advertising focus is all about driving business leads and conversions, then your smart media approach is likely to hinge on attribution. Vital attribution data is used to optimise your media plan and enhance personalisation.

There are many different areas of media attribution and a whole marketing science devoted to attribution modelling – be it first-click, last-click, data-driven attribution etc. One very effective area of measurement within attribution – that is sometimes overlooked – is in-bound call tracking.

Understanding the media source of sales enquiries is crucial when driving both advertising efficiency and effectiveness. And recently the power of call tracking technology has been significantly enhanced with the introduction of advanced voice analytics, enabling advertisers to improve advertising ROI.

Why call tracking is so powerful

Call tracking software enables you to discover the channels that generate calls so you can maximise on every conversation with your prospects or customers. The technology uses trackable phone numbers for both online and offline campaigns.

The software reveals the sources, ads and keywords that lead callers to your website. You can capture every interaction, from page visits and downloads to form-fills and live chats, even if they don’t make a call. This is coupled with data analytics software, enabling you to fully understand attribution and assess media performance.

By monitoring, analysing and extracting data from your inbound and even outbound customer you can answer a wide range of business questions. At a glance you will be able to know what they called about, what was their intention, did they make a purchase or application on the spot, did they make a payment, have they mentioned a competitor?

With all this valuable information, call tracking software enables advertisers to boost their media strategies, enhance paid ads results, expand reach across audiences, to make changes and adjustments much quicker to campaigns and, most recently, gain competitive advantage with speech analytics.

Speech analytics is a game changer

Speech recognition technology captures the full conversation, identifying useful spoken words, as well as the purpose and outcome of the call. Speech analytics technology then enables you to quickly assess a transcript – rather than having to listing endless recordings –

drawing out key customer insights on an individual level. You can track key phrases that confirm a sale, identify hot leads, or differentiate between existing and new customers much quickly and efficiently.

Speech analytics can also help you improve your agents’ performance – driving overall quality management – by quickly identifying whether processes and rules have been followed. By analysing call transcripts you can easily perform compliance checks, assess whether best practice is being followed and analyse success rates. And you will have a much better understanding of repeat and new prospects calls.

All of these features of speech analytics mean you can improve customer satisfaction and experience, boost media campaign performance, minimise wasted spend and improve the efficiency of your media budgets.

Using call tracking & speech analytics in media attribution

By using attribution tools you can assign unique reference IDs to each of your website visitors. This allows you to link calls directly to marketing activity and view the user journey across multiple visits. And with a call-to-action feature you can track customer journeys through form fills, live chats, phone calls and the other channels people used to interact with your business.

Attribution software will enable you to view a visitor’s entire history. You can collect and report on different marketing data points, including the source, medium, keyword, ad and campaign that generated the call. Sales match reporting software tells you which channels provide the most sales, which are the higher value sales and to assess sales of specific products. Ultimately, this is about understand the customer journey from first contact to sale and after-sales.

Call tracking & speech analytics could drive ROI for your business

Whilst call tracking technology has been around for quite some time, speech analytics is a relatively new feature which offers functionalities that let you pull valuable business insights from recorded customer calls. Whether you are focused on business growth, higher customer satisfaction, improved agent performance, at The Grove Media we are big fans of this technology. It enables us to drive ROAS from our campaigns, optimise the media budget, put together high performing media strategies, understand the user journey and ultimately drive value for our clients.