Hello and welcome

Hello and welcome

Hello and welcome to our new website and the home of ‘Real World planning & buying’ at The Grove Media (formerly TCS Media).

Firstly, the ownership team of Ciaran, Sean and myself would like to thank you for visiting our site and seeking to know more about us as an agency.
Secondly, we’d like to tell you a story about why you are looking at The Grove Media and not TCS Media’s site. So, if you have a few minutes….

Since we completed a successful management buyout in November 2017, we wanted to understand what our clients and agency partners thought about our brand and business.

This was to make sure we had an identity and business offering which resonated with who we are now as a company, was true to the heritage of TCS and could form a platform for continued improvement to the service we offer our clients.

We wanted an external view from a trusted source, so hired Mark Palmer, owner of Maverick Planet and general media guru extraordinaire, who set about interviewing our staff, clients and media partners.

The research highlighted our unique approach, something we call ‘Real World media planning & buying’, which we were keen to emphasize through a new identity and website.

Now, we’re all immensely proud of what TCS Media, our clients and partners have achieved over the last 42 years but we felt we had evolved as a company and the time was right for a change.

We’ve chosen the name as we felt “Grove” reflects our ‘Real World’ philosophy and values through the way we work closely with our clients and partners, helping them grow their businesses in a realistic, straightforward and joined up way.

So, welcome to The Grove Media.
if you like our site and would like to find out more about us, please do get in touch.

David, Ciaran & Sean