Welcome to The Grove Media

If you want to get in touch straight away just email us or call.

Otherwise there are some FAQs below that might be useful if you’re looking for a media agency partner.


What kinds of business
do we work with?

1. B2C UK businesses

We’re always a good fit for B2C UK businesses spending between £100,000 and £1m+ on media in the UK

2. Small marketing teams

We work very well with clients with small marketing teams and happily act as extension of your department

3. Straight talking approach

Our clients appreciate our fresh and straight talking approach which is at the heart of our ‘real world’ approach to media



What’s our experience in the sector?

1. We’ve worn many hats…

We’ve been in business for decades and have worked in many sectors over the years including live arts / entertainments, healthcare, education, retail, home interest, charity and many others

2. Challenger Brands

We work exceptionally well with challenger brands who need to invest in media wisely to grow market share


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Where do we fit in the media marketplace?

1. Choices, choices…

Depending on your budget size your choice probably falls within two categories – either go with a larger network agency, or a smaller independent

2. A proud independent

We’re a smaller but well established indie, which makes us a bit more agile and adaptable to our client’s needs. An independent is generally in a position to provide more bespoke solutions, which is what we’re all about